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Here at Machinagraph, we supply a wide range of items for Promotional, Decorative and Corporate ID purposes. 

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For all your Marking
Office Nameplates

We offer a range of Desk/Door Nameplates, along with Directional and Informative Plates. We also provide Registered Office Plaques along with General Labels and Nameplates.


We can offer stock items, work from existing templates or provide customised products to suit your own specific needs and requirements.

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For all your Presentation requirements
Awards & Plaques

Whether you are celebrating the opening of a store, visit of a Royal or commemorating an historical event we can provide Plaques to suit all events.


We also offer a range of Presentation and Award Plaques - maybe for employees or suppliers?

We offer a variety of processes and materials to suit all needs and budgets.

Design image
Design & Artwork
Promotional Giveaways

We produce a range of products that can be used for promoting your business or for specific products.


We supply Metal & Plastic Business Cards, Mugs, Coasters, Mousemats, Lens Cloths, Labels, T-shirts, and many more.


Ideal at events & exhibitions, or for anniversaries or product launches.

Badges & Corporate ID

We can maintain your Corporate ID, supplying matching Signage, Badges, Labels. Again, we can offer stock items or provide customised products to suit your needs.

Small Signage

We can provide Small Signage in a variety of materials, both metals and plastics. From Registered Office Signs to Directional and Informational Signs, and Door and Desk signs.

Photo/Product Panels

We can provide Metal Photo Panels to promote and advertise your products or to commemorate events, or can  be used to display Photos of key staff within your organisation, etc.

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Design & Artwork
Design, Artwork & Tooling

We can produce individually tailored artworks for your designs. You can give us the information required in lots of different ways: from your verbal instructions, from sketches or from official drawings, etc. If you need any help deciding what is required you are welcome to discuss this with us.


Alternatively, you can submit a completed artwork to us via a Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw file - please contact us in advance to ensure your are supplying to the correct versions. Again, if you need any help with this you are welcome to discuss it with us

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