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Our Processes and Services 
The majority of our products are produced by our in-house processes. This includes Chemical Etching, Machine Engraving, Anodising, Screen-Printing, Thermal Printing, Ano-Printing, as well as many ancillary processes such as Doming, Backmounts/Plinths, and many fabricating services.

chemical etchingChemical Etching

This is our most popular process and offers permanent marking onto most metals, with Stainless Steel and Brass being very popular, it ensures a good long life for a product. It is ideal for items that will be exposed to weathering, prying hands, or just for a hard wearing product. Its uses are for Decorative Plaques, Industrial Nameplates, Tags, Information signs, Promotional Items, etc 

Machine Engraving

This process is offers a hardwearing, permanent marking solution and is available for most metals and plastics. It is ideal for plastics where printing is not permanent enough, particularly for Traffolyte Labels and Small Signs, etc.  
Anodising & Ano-Printing

ANODISING is a chemical process only available on Aluminium. It seals the exposed surfaces and gives it an outer protective coating to prevent corrosion.
ANO-PRINT is a way of printing text/images during the Anodising process, leaving the print sealed in permanently. This is ideal for cost effective Nameplate, Serial Plates, Control Panels and a whole range of industrial products as well as Plaques, Information Signs and many Promotional Items.
Screen-Printing & Thermal Printing

This process is ideal for producing economical marking solutions. We can print onto a variety of materials includng vinyl, most plastics, metals and paper/card. It is most suitable for Vinyl Labels, Plastic Tags, Fascias/Overlays, Nameplates and a selection of Promotional Items. 
Ancillary Products

As well as the above we can provide a range of fabricating services and have access to plating services such as Chrome and Nickel Plating. If you have any specific specifications please contact us and we will discuss your requirements.