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etched stainless steel plaque
We are manufacturers of high quality plaques which can be produced from almost any type of material but the most common are listed below. If you have any specific requirement, please contact us to discuss what is available.
Our plaques are generally produced in metals, but can be supplied as a plastic option if requested.
 Materials available as standard are: 
          -     Stainless Steel (Satin or Polished)
          -     Polished Brass
          -     Anodised Aluminium
          -     Polished Bronze
          -     Polished Copper
  We can also supply the hardwood backmounts which we manufacture.

         Etched Steel Plaque                Etched Aluminium Plaque              Etched Brass Plaque


Plaques can be used in a variety of situations:

          -     Opening of a building or site, etc
          -     To commemorate a specific date
          -     To provide information
          -     An office nameplate
          -     A map of the site
          -     A way of promoting your company

Processes usEtched Brass Plaqueed for manufacturing Plaques include Chemical Etching, Engraving, Printing and Ano-Print. A combination of more than one process can be used to get a unique product.


The most popular options for plaques are Chemically Etched Stainless Steel (Satin) as they are low maintenance products suitable for outdoors. Ano-Printed Aluminium is also a popular product as it is very low maintenaince with a good finish at an economical price.